Our Story

The Selwyn Story

For almost 60 years, Selwyn has been a local institution for families seeking a balanced educational curriculum and a bright future for their children. The school was initially founded in 1957 by a group of parents, and has been operated by people dedicated to the mission of the school ever since. Selwyn is currently located in Argyle, Texas on Copper Canyon Road.

Selwyn has a strong history of community, resourcefulness, and passion. The original name was changed from Denton Civic Boys Choir to The Denton Preparatory School in 1959 when the doors were opened to female students. Located in a two-story, arts-and-crafts style house at 1117 Oakland Street near Texas Woman’s University, the school taught children from kindergarten through ninth grade and experienced such quick growth that by the early sixties they had to relocate. The school leased a 150-acre farm on the outskirts of Denton, turning the cattle barns and small farmhouse into classrooms.

Not long after, J. Newton Razor, a native of Denton and later a Houston philanthropist, donated 100 acres of land on the west edge of town to the school, and the work of constructing permanent buildings began. The school was renamed in honor of Rayzor’s daughter, Selwyn.

Over the years, the founding headmaster and first lady (John and Robin Doncaster), Selwyn parents, and the Board of Trustees worked together to not only build the campus, but to make Selwyn the educational institution that continues to thrive to this day.

The Story of the Unicorn

Back in the sixties, a handful of Selwyn students learned about an old medieval story revealing the secret of how to catch a unicorn. From the students’ fascination with this fairytale, the unicorn came to be the school mascot and a lake on campus was unofficially dubbed Unicorn Lake. This is where the first commencement ceremony was held for a high school graduation at Selwyn in 1961.

Selwyn Story