The Selwyn Difference



    Head of School

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 110
    Email: dhof@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Southern California; California Teaching Credential from the University of California at Berkeley; Master of Science in School Administration and Psychology from Pepperdine University

    Year Appointed: 2016


    Director of Advancement

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 120
    Email: pmignini@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Computer Science from Boston College; Master of Business Administration from Duke University

    Year Appointed: 2015


    Director of Finance

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 150
    Email: cwhiteman@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Math and Accounting from the University of Iowa

    Year Appointed: 2016


    Director of Admissions

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 135
    Email: jbrown@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Fort Hays State University; Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Fort Hays State University

    Year Appointed: 2017

  • Chase Eddington

    Director of Development and Alumni Relations

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 130
    Email: ceddington@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor Of Arts, History and Master Of Arts, English, Midwestern State University

    Year Appointed: 2018


    Head of Secondary Education
    Upper School English

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 400
    Email: mkosednar@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English from Midwestern State University

    Year Appointed: 2004


    Head of Upper Elementary
    Grades 4th-6th Language Arts

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 200
    Email: lbiles@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of North Texas; Master of Education in Special Education from the University of North Texas

    Year Appointed: 2006

  • Melissa Sayler

    Head of Lower Elementary
    Grade 3 All Subjects

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 210
    Email: msayler@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas Woman’s University

    Year Appointed: 2009


    Facilities and Transportation Manager

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 160
    Email: gmccloud@selwynschool.com

    Year Appointed: 2012


    Athletic Director
    Grade K-12 Physical Education

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 490
    Email: eharmon@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas Woman’s University

    Year Appointed: 2009


    Administrative Assistant – Business Office

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 140
    Email: mclark@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Attended TWU and University of Hawaii

    Year Appointed: 2000


    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 940-382-6771 x 100
    Email: gsummers@selwynschool.com
    Degrees: Attended Sam Houston State University

    Year Appointed: 2008


Because we believe in the mission, community, and educational environment that make up Selwyn, we dedicate our time and resources to furthering its mission. As a Texas independent school, Selwyn is governed by a Board of Trustees, a group of individuals committed to nurturing Selwyn and making decisions that will help the well-being of the school and the children we educate here. You can contact the Selwyn Board of Trustees at any time.

Board Chair
Darcy Loveless

Vice Chair
Steve Wolverton

Board Members
Katherine Barnett-White
Michael Rubenstein
Elizabeth Keller
Andrea Massey
Alan Stucky

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