The high caliber of our student programs, staff, and facilities is made possible by the generosity and dedication of our Selwyn community. Selwyn School has a rich tradition of giving that can be traced back to the very beginning of our story. This is how we have shaped our school into what it is: a place of learning for children of all ages, where they can develop the skills to succeed long after their time at Selwyn.

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The community and Selwyn volunteer program are instrumental in supporting the school’s opportunities for students. This includes financial support, but we also encourage families to give some time and talents to help improve our school and its programs. Our volunteers are essential and model the importance of community service, ultimately providing students with a more meaningful all-around educational experience. When we actively support the place where our children learn and grow, we show them the value of a good education and provide them with an environment where they can flourish.


There are lots of ways to help out at Selwyn. Volunteers judge the science fair, chaperone field trips, and sometimes even make treats for special bake sales and events. The Athletics Booster Club is a great way for parents and guardians to get involved with the school and their child’s extracurricular activities. Any time spent supporting the school makes a big impact on the educational experience of our students.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact for more information on upcoming events and clubs you can get involved with.

Our parents often help out the school by hosting or contributing to our fundraising efforts, including bake sales, yard sales, and book sales. They represent the school at local events, attend games, and run toy drives during the holidays. Our campus is often utilized to host community events, competitions, and mixers, and we approve of sharing our facilities and campus for the greater good!


If you are interested in participating in community involvement, please contact for more information on ways you can represent Selwyn school at local events.

The Annual Fund is comprised of voluntary, tax-deductible gifts from parents, grandparents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, trustees, faculty, staff and friends. These gifts are unrestricted and support our students in tangible and measurable ways.

In all walks of life, fall is the time to designate philanthropic giving, and Selwyn is no exception. Each fall, we ask that you evaluate your family’s giving and consider making Selwyn one of your top gifts.

The Annual Fund traditionally supplements our operating budget. This year, we are beginning to build out on our Master Site Plan, and if you are so inclined, your annual gift can be targeted to those projects. Tuition covers approximately 80% of a school’s costs and we, like every independent school, must raise funds for the rest. At Selwyn, the two major fundraisers are the annual fund and International Night. We ask you to truly understand the importance of the gift you are making.

Why give from your essence and not your excess?

  • Your gift shows commitment to what we do here.
  • Your gift allows us to continue to teach the whole child.
  • Your gift allows us to help those students who deserve a chance but need support.
  • Your gift allows us to attract the best faculty.
  • Your gift allows us to pursue grants from larger foundations.
  • This year, your gift could allow us to improve and enlarge our campus.

When applying for grants, one of the first questions on the form is percentage of primary stakeholders that give; they do not award grants if those most benefitted by the work do not donate. When asked why not charge what it really costs to educate a student, the short answer is that we try to keep tuition down and allow parents a tax deductible way to support the school. An annual fund gift is tax deductible, but tuition is not.

It is important to remember that there are many ways to give. Of course you can write a check or make an online donation, but you can also donate stock, pledge an amount now and pay later, or designate your United Way donation at your workplace to Selwyn. We know that your philanthropic giving could be going to many worthy causes, and Selwyn is very thankful for the gift you make here.


If you are interested in contributing to The Annual Fund, please contact

International Night

Be a part of the celebration as Selwyn’s young and legacy alumni come together with our parents, grandparents, faculty and community partners to witness a longstanding Selwyn tradition: International Night. International Night is an annual tradition that occurs each February.

North Texas Giving Day

We are always grateful to the dedicated families and other donors that contribute to Selwyn School with their financial support. As you know, independent schools are nonprofit institutions that rely on tuition and donations, rather than government funding, to operate. Participating in North Texas Giving Day is another great way to help ensure educational excellence at our school, and Selwyn is excited to be included on the roster for this year’s annual day of giving!

During North Texas Giving day, we will have the opportunity to collect donations through the official North Texas Giving Day website that can result in prizes or bonus funding for our school. All you need is a debit or credit card to make a donation that will directly benefit the students and teachers at Selwyn. Be sure to mark your calendar and let your friends and families know that their donations can go further than ever on North Texas Giving Day to provide educational opportunities for our students.

If you are interested in contributing to North Texas Giving Day as Challenge Fund donor, please contact As a Challenge Fund donor, your generous contribution can help us encourage others to give by guaranteeing the amplification of their gifts to the school!

Remember, there are lots of ways to contribute to the Selwyn throughout the year outside of North Texas Giving Day donations! Consider joining our Parent Teacher Association, or check out our support page and discover even more ways to help us make Selwyn the best place for our children’s educational journey.

In addition to the pool of bonus funds that we will be eligible for through the Communities Foundation of Texas, we are thrilled to announce a special opportunity to double your donation. The members of our Board of Trustees have pledged their unanimous support in the form of a $7,500 challenge grant which will be used to match donations on North Texas Giving Day! Here’s how you can participate and make your contribution go further:

Challenge #1: Our first $5,000 in donations received on North Texas Giving Day will be eligible for a 1:1 match ($5,000 total)

Challenge #2: If we achieve 100% participation by currently enrolled families, we will receive an additional $1,500

Challenge #3: If 20 alumni make donations of at least $100 each ($2,000 total), Selwyn will receive an additional $1,000 in challenge funds!

If you are interested in participating in challenge fund opportunities please contact to learn more about making your donation go further.


  1. Please mail gifts to: Selwyn School Attn: Development Office 2270 Copper Canyon Rd. Argyle, TX 76226

  2. If you wish to make a credit card payment by phone, please call the Development Office at (940) 382-6771 x130.

  3. Please contact the Development Office by email at

  4. Scroll down to fill out the form below! *Payments made online are serviced by PayPal.


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