Summer at Selwyn

Have fun all summer long at Selwyn School!

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer with a broad range of fun, engaging, and enriching mini-camps. If you have any questions, please contact or call our office at 940-382-6771. We look forward to having your children join us this summer! Selwyn School is located at 2270 Copper Canyon Road in Argyle.

Selwyn School offers seven weeks of five-day camps and classes for Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade students from June 3 to July 26. All camps last from a Monday through a Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Summer at Selwyn is open to any grade-appropriate child, regardless of their enrollment status at Selwyn. Age ranges specified for each camp consider a student’s Fall 2024 grade level for eligibility. To ensure that students receive individualized attention and a dynamic learning environment, all camps—unless noted otherwise—are limited to at least five (5) and at most twelve (12) students.

Check out our exciting list of classes for each summer session below! Find answers to our most frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

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Session 1: June 3–June 7

Explorers Camp | ECC Staff | Grades PK-K
Splash into our hands-on, creative and adventurous summer program for our youngest of campers! Our beautiful campus offers a perfect landscape for splash days, outdoor education and limitless creativity. Our summer theme this year is “The Great Outdoors” with daily splash time to keep campers having fun all summer long. The Explorers Camp offers all-day care for students age-three through kindergarten: students may be dropped off as early as 8:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 5:00 p.m. each day. Full-time and part-time options are available, and sessions may be booked on a monthly basis. To register for summer sessions for Pre-K and Kindergarten students, click “Apply” in the top menu of this webpage.

Open Art Studio | Ms. Mallett | Grades 1-5
Selwyn’s Lower School Open Art Studio is a creative space designed specifically for young children to explore and express their artistic abilities freely. The studio is equipped with various art supplies and materials to encourage a wide range of artistic activities and foster the creative process. The possibilities for this camp are endless! Studio centers include drawing, painting, fiber arts, collage and papercraft, sculpture, and clay.

Fishing Camp | Mr. Kitchen | Grades 4-8
In this fun outdoor camp, students will learn how to use a rod and reel safely, while enjoying opportunities to practice their angling skills and compete in a fishing derby. Practice how to identify the most common freshwater fish species of Texas while learning to use different types of lures and baits, and the tackle that makes them work. Students will be hooked from the start, so don’t miss out on this camp—it’s a real catch!

Jazz & Creative Music for Middle School | Mr. Teal | Grades 6-8
Jazz and Creative Music Camp invites students to learn familiar songs and new jazz tunes like the pros. Learn by ear to build your jazz vocabulary, explore and improvise comfortably, and compose new music. This camp focuses on cultivating holistic musicianship and a deeper understanding of playing an instrument or singing, both individually and in a group. Teachers and students play and work together to create great music, culminating in a final concert that they won’t soon forget! This camp is great for instrumental and vocal students who will be entering grades 6 through 8 with at least one year of music experience. All instruments and voice types are welcome!

Session 2: June 10-14

Backyard Sports | Mr. Tre | Grades 1-3
Huddle up everyone! Let’s team up together for a week of fun backyard games. In this camp, team players will learn the basics of basketball, soccer, volleyball, and relay races. The final game day will be a relay of Frisbee, balloon balancing, water sponge racing, and much more!

Archery Camp | Mr. Kitchen | Grades 4-8
Learn the ancient art of archery this summer! In this camp, led by a National Archery in the Schools (NASP)-certified instructor, students will learn the essentials of safe bow-use. They will also practice their skills and work on improving their aim, focus, strength, and coordination as the camp progresses. At the end of the week, our archers will compete against each other in a tournament with fun prizes at stake!

Jazz & Creative Music Camp for High School | Mr. Teal | Grades 9-12
Jazz and Creative Music Camp invites students to learn familiar songs and new jazz tunes like the pros. Learn by ear to build your jazz vocabulary, explore and improvise comfortably, and compose new music. This camp focuses on cultivating holistic musicianship and a deeper understanding of playing an instrument or singing, both individually and in a group. Teachers and students play and work together to create great music, culminating in a final concert that they won’t soon forget! This camp is great for instrumental and vocal students who will be entering grades 9 through 12 with at least one year of music experience. All instruments and voice types are welcome!

Session 3: June 17-21

Under the Sea | Mrs. Livas | Grades 1-3
Campers will take a deep dive into the ocean inside the Atelier at Selwyn School’s Early Childhood Center. The Atelier offers a fully immersive experience to capture the essence of the ocean’s atmosphere. Marine plants and animals, submarine missions and mysterious ships…all are waiting to be explored! Find out what thrives in the world’s largest ecosystem!

Fiber Arts | Ms. Mallett | Grades 2-8
Students will explore art-making processes using a variety of textiles and fibers while learning basic stitching skills and various ways to use yarn in their art. Projects may include sewing, crochet, weaving, or embroidery. By the end of the week, students will take home their handmade projects!

Woodcarving Camp | Mr. Kitchen | Grades 4-8
Make art with wood this summer! In this camp, students will learn how to handle woodworking tools safely as they are guided through the process of handling and crafting wood to create fun projects. Students will make and take home several finished projects throughout this camp.

Chess Camp | Mr. Eddington | Grades 6-12
In this interactive camp for middle and upper school students, campers will study essential chess openings, end games, piece movements, and intermediate-to-advanced tactics. Strategizing as they go, these budding chess masters will play against their friends and enjoy thinking critically. The week will culminate in a competitive tournament with prizes for the top players.

Session 4: June 24-28

All About Animals | Mrs. Livas | Grades 1-3
Keep academic skills sharp this summer with the fun literacy series “If You Give…”. This book series includes If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give Dog a Donut, If You Give a Pig a Party & If You Give a Cat a Cupcake! Each day, campers will enjoy great literature, rhymes, science, art, math, and cooking, each taught through an integrated animal-book-themed curriculum.

Makerspace & Digital Art | Ms. Mallett & Ms. Murphey | Grades 2-9
Get creative this summer in a hands-on, collaborative camp that encourages students to explore methods for creating digital art—and then bring that art into the real world using Selwyn’s Makerspace. Young artists in this camp will create a variety of digital images on iPads using Sketches School, ProCreate, and Keynote. Students will then learn to use a Cricut, 3D Printer, and Glowforge to create paper and vinyl projects, as well as screen-printed images. Additionally, students will enjoy learning to craft and create using sewing techniques, Makey-Makeys, Little Bits, Keva Planks, LEGO, and other fun resources. Come create with us!

Leathercrafting Camp | Mr. Kitchen | Grades 4-8
Get crafty and creative during Selwyn’s leathercrafting camp! Campers will learn about basic and advanced hand-tools used in traditional leathercraft. Build dexterity and express your creativity in this camp, while exploring many of the unique challenges and opportunities of working with leather. By week’s end, students will create several projects and enjoy the opportunity to take them home and display them for years to come.

SAT/ACT Prep: Writing & Language | Mr. Eddington | Grades 9-12
In this preparation course for the verbal portions of the ACT and SAT exams students will familiarize themselves with the tests’ expectations and test-taking strategies while practicing key vocabulary and language skills. Rooted in evidence-based reading and writing lessons, this mini-camp will help students develop the skills needed to ace the “Reading” and “Writing and Language” portions of college entrance exams.

Session 5: July 8-12

Cooking Camp | Mrs. Rachel | Grades 1-4
Let’s get cooking! In this hands-on camp, young chefs will learn about kitchen safety, cooking utensils, and nutrition, and they will spend each day learning essential food preparation skills. While they’re mixing, mincing, prepping, and cooking, our young chefs will be able to taste the results of their efforts and expand their comfort zones as they venture out to try new foods. In addition to going home with several new recipes, cooking campers will create their own personalized apron. Don’t miss out!

Drawing & Painting | Ms. Mallett | Grades 1-5
Elementary drawing and painting activities are designed to introduce to young students to the basic elements of art, encourage creativity, and develop fundamental skills. Campers will practice drawing from observation, using shading techniques, and experimenting with a variety of paint media. Come get creative with us this summer as you learn to express yourself all while improving your drawing and painting techniques!

Session 6: July 15-19

Space Explorers | Mrs. Livas | Grades 1-3
Calling all astronauts! We are traveling to space this summer to explore the moon, stars, planets, and galaxies! Campers will be fully immersed in the outer space atmosphere in the Atelier at Selwyn’s Early Childhood Center. Launching rockets, creating space art and training for mission control are all part of this week’s space exploration.  Get your spacesuit ready! We are launching in 5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

Cardboard Kingdom | Ms. Murphey | Grades 4-7
Do you like making things? Creating new inventions? Finding new uses for your parents’ recycling? Join the Cardboard Kingdom where we will spend a week making our own cardboard creations. Campers will use design thinking skills to bring their cardboard creations to life using all hot glue, cardboard connectors, and tape. Students in this camp will use their imaginations to create a cardboard kingdom for their creations and to play in.

Drawing & Painting | Ms. Mallett | Grades 5-9
This middle grade camp will build upon the foundational skills developed in students’ early years, aiming to provide students with a better understanding of art concepts, techniques, and art history. Students will explore a variety of media while being encouraged to express their individuality through their art.

Session 7: July 22-26

Back-to-School Camp! | Mrs. Rachel | Grades 1-2
Get ahead of the curve by reviewing essential skills for rising first and second grade students. Students in this camp will have the opportunity to review academic concepts that will allow them to come to school in August ready to excel. Campers who complete this camp will be refreshed on much of the knowledge and skills they need to be excellent students for the fall. Don’t miss out!

Printmaking | Ms. Mallett | Grades 2-8
Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a matrix onto another surface, most often paper or fabric. This process allows artists to make multiple prints of their work. Students will explore gelli printing, Styrofoam relief printing, block printing, collagraph, and screen-printing.

Answers to Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Payment Terms
Please register your children for the grade they are entering in Fall 2024. Registration can be completed online at or by scanning the QR code below. Registration for summer camps will open on Monday, February 5. We accept all major credit cards. If you prefer to pay with cash or a check, please notify the office. With the exception of Pre-K and Kindergarten camps, all camps cost $175 per child per course. Additionally, there is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 per child. All balances will be collected, and summer registration will close by Friday, May 10. No registrations for summer courses will be permitted after that date. If you would like to make a partial payment or pay off your balance in full, please contact us at or 940-382-6771. Please submit any cancellation or change request to If you would like to cancel registration after enrolling, please be aware that $50 of every course registration is nonrefundable.

Snacks & What to Bring
All students attending camps will have a break in the morning. Students are welcome to bring a snack and all students are strongly encouraged to bring a water bottle. Additionally, all students are encouraged to wear sunscreen. If campers need to bring anything in addition to the above, camp instructors will contact parents with more information.

Students may wear comfortable t-shirts and pants or leggings, shorts, dresses, or skirts of appropriate length. For camps with a “splash” element, please bring a towel. Closed toe or tennis shoes are preferred.

Summer camp sessions end at noon for all rising 1st through 12th grade students. For currently enrolled Selwyn students in grades 1-4, aftercare is available until 5:00 p.m. for an additional fee. For all other students, please arrange pick-up at noon. Students in the aftercare program should bring a lunch.

Pick-Up Authorization
On the registration form, please provide the name and phone number of each adult authorized to pick up your child, including parents.

Public Health Protocols
Selwyn School has policies to help protect against the transmission of Covid-19. Students and faculty are encouraged to wash their hands regularly. Hard surfaces are routinely disinfected, and hand sanitizer dispensers are available at many stations across our campus. Masks or other face coverings are optional, but any student or faculty member who prefers to wear one may do so.

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