Faculty Fridays Spotlight: Shea Mallett

February 16th, 2024

In this series, we’re highlighting Selwyn’s faculty and staff. In the classroom, we know our faculty are dynamic and engaged educators with subject matter expertise and an insatiable curiosity to learn. But what are they like out of the classroom? Find out!

Faculty Friday Spotlight:
Shea Mallett | Lower School Art
How many years have you been in education?
15 fantastic years at Selwyn!
What’s your favorite class or project to teach?
I enjoy working with my students to help build their confidence and pride in what they create. I want to them to find creative interests that they enjoy mastering and will hopefully continue as a lifelong hobby.
What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
At the beginning of the school year, each of my lower school classes reads “The Beautiful Oops” and it has become a motto in our art studio. We practice turning our mistakes into successes.
What’s your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is the remnant section in the crafts stores. Collecting fabric is a different hobby than sewing.
What’s a fun fact about you?
I am a jigsaw puzzle wizard. I always have one in progress on my table while also completing them on my iPad every night.
What’s a hobby you enjoy outside of school?
I enjoy many card and dice games like Phase 10 and Yahtzee!
What do you love most about Selwyn?
I love that at Selwyn, we celebrate the individuality of our students and teach them acceptance of other’s differences.
What tip or advice would you give to students?
I would advise my students to never worry about making mistakes while creating anything. Mistakes are proof you are trying!
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