Lisa Biles: 2015-2016 Faculty Reflection

June 3rd, 2016

Importance of Promotion

Promotion is a public acknowledgement of transition between life stages.  It is a way that we tell you “job well done” on all that you have accomplished and “good luck” as you embark on the next big adventure. 

For the teachers, promotion is a chance for us to celebrate all of the hard work that we have seen you put into all that we have asked of you.  We have seen you excited, discouraged, thrilled, frustrated, happy, annoyed, but most of all proud of yourselves.  Know that we are so very proud of you too! 

Always celebrate your accomplishments!  Use promotion as a time to reflect on all of the hard work that you have put in to getting to where you are today.  We didn’t “give” you your grades, you earned them!  We expect a lot of our students and if you are here at promotion, you know that you have done well. 

What it means to be a Selwyn student

If you are a Selwyn student, you know how to think.  You also know how to explain what you are thinking, both by speaking and writing.

Selwyn students know how to rise to expectations and the importance of setting high expectations for themselves.

Selwyn students know how to look out for each other and how to be a mentor.  They know the importance of teamwork and the importance of being a leader, and they have the wisdom to know which one of two different viewpoints a situation calls for.

Selwyn students are thoughtful, creative, resourceful, and innovative.  Almost every student here has looked at something on our campus at some point and come up with a different use for it or a way to make it better.

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