Faculty Fridays Spotlight: Cheryl Lewis Dahler

January 26th, 2024

In this series, we’re highlighting Selwyn’s faculty and staff. In the classroom, we know our faculty are dynamic and engaged educators with subject matter expertise and an insatiable curiosity to learn. But what are they like out of the classroom? Find out!
Faculty Friday Spotlight:
Cheryl Lewis Dahler | Upper School Mathematics
How many years have you been in education?
What’s your favorite class or project to teach?
Pre-Calculus and Calculus. In Pre-Calculus, all of the mathematical puzzle pieces begin to fit together to form a beautiful picture. Each time I teach Calculus, I am thrilled by the brilliance of those who used the simplest of Algebra I tools to reach for the heavens.
What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
The Bullet That Missed—the third Thursday Murder Mystery Club book by Richard Osman
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Going barefoot whenever possible.
What’s a fun fact about you?
My birthday is on Halloween, and as a small child I was absolutely convinced that “the whole world” was dressed up and decorated just for me.
What’s a hobby you enjoy outside of school?
Dabbling in all sorts of art.
What do you love most about Selwyn?
My children attended Selwyn so they could become the best versions of themselves. I still work here because I believe everyone should have an opportunity to be successful at math. While teaching at the college level, I saw far too many students taking College Algebra for the fourth time, because no one had ever believed in them, and they didn’t believe in themselves.
What tip or advice would you give to students?
The more difficult the challenge, the more rewarding it is to overcome it.
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