The Importance of Empathy in Whole Child Development and Education

March 27th, 2017

Empathy in Whole Child Development and Education

As a part of your child’s education, emotional and intellectual development, empathy has never been more critical. Especially in this tumultuous time, where differences between people, and the often unbridled anger, stupefying disbelief, and bewildering confusion that arises from these differences, create massive rifts in our society.

How can we, as a collective body of diverse human beings, not look past, but understand and embrace the differences between us? Empathy. The ability to understand others’ fears, shames, vulnerabilities, self-worth, and happiness brings with it the power to bring people together.

Where does this change begin? With our children. The importance of empathy in whole child development and education has never been greater.

At Selwyn School, we firmly believe in the importance of emphasizing both emotional and intellectual development as a part of our curriculum. Our mission is to cultivate global citizens who embrace these complex challenges with empathic and innovative thinking to advance the human condition.

One of our inspirations, Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, has spent 13 years studying these emotions, vulnerability, shame, and worthiness, their relation to empathy, and how we can all work together to build a better future for all human beings. Listen to her speak about these topics in the video below:

We strive to provide as many empathetic learning opportunities to Selwyn students as possible. This can take the form of reading great works of fiction literature, studying histories of people from all walks of life, or encouraging general openness and awareness of the emotions that guide our lives and relationships. If we can transfer this knowledge to students at Selwyn, we consider that a great success.

Are you interested in continuing the discussion about the importance of empathy in whole child development and education? Contact Selwyn School today.

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