Technology and Education: Encouraging Independent Thinking, Creativity & Collaboration

April 19th, 2017

The Influence of Technology

Today, you cannot log into social media, casually browse the internet, watch television, or even read a book without being bombarded with articles, videos, and discussions centered around the topic of technology. To be more specific, how technology has a negative effect on our ability to communicate with one another, shortens our attention spans, and even affects our sleep schedules and overall general health. Did you know this fear of technology reaches back over one hundred years? With all of these negatives, the natural course of action in relation to our children seems to be to simply limit their screen time. Maybe there is a better answer.

Embracing the Digital Citizenship of Children

At Selwyn School, we recognize and understand the risks of allowing technology to infiltrate too far into our students’ lives, but we also acknowledge the many benefits technology can offer to their education.

Technology is increasingly embedded into our and our children’s lives. Instead of turning away from it, we can embrace the benefits it brings. Watching as a young child effortlessly navigates through the Internet on a smartphone or a PC, creates magnificent landscapes and worlds in Minecraft, or teaches us how to do something can be astounding, because where did they learn it all?

Here’s our perspective:

We strive to focus not on what programs, devices, and software students know how to use, but how they utilize these technologies to enhance the educational process by encouraging independent thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

The Changing Landscape of Education

Throughout our curriculum, we encourage the use of technology in our students’ educational journey. Here’s why:

  • Students are already in the digital mindset.
  • A wide digital skill set provides a wider range of opportunities in a child’s future.
  • When used properly, we believe tech can aid healthy communication and collaboration.
  • With the assistance of technology, students have endless creative opportunity.

Independent Thinking, Creativity & Collaboration

When technology is a major part of a lesson, independent or group project, Selwyn educators do not provide a strict path to follow. Instead of leading students step by step to the solution or end goal, we encourage them to work together to discover new ways in which technology can get them there on their own. With a broad outline like this, we hope to provide Selwyn students the opportunity to think creatively and make independent discoveries.

How have your children surprised you with their technological prowess? How do you envision technology affecting our lives in the future?

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