• About Our Selwyn Lunch Service

    We are deeply committed to fueling students, faculty, and staff with freshly prepared and healthy, well-balanced meals. Our Selwyn lunch service, My Hot Lunchbox, allows us to source from local restaurants and enables parents to order as far as two months in advance for their students. Menus are guided by a resident nutritionist, and parents can order in advance, make changes, and get nutritional information such as gluten and dairy content. Each menu includes vegetarian options and a fairly broad selection. In order to participate, you need to register on the website and place your orders. Meals will be delivered to the school’s administrative office and distributed. Billing and payments are handled through the MHL website. For a PDF version of the instructions to register and order, click here.
    Along with their nutritionist, My Hot Lunchbox teams up with local area restaurants to create the menus. They then process all parent orders through their secure online system, and coordinate delivery and distribution to Selwyn. All of their lunches are individually packaged and labeled when they arrive.
    My Hot Lunchbox only partners with high-quality restaurants that can offer options. Their certified nutritionist then works to coordinate these options into well-balanced meals. They offer a completely peanut, french fry, and soda free menu that typically includes vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options each day of the week. They are also conscious of offering portion choices for children in Pre-K through grade 12.
    My Hot Lunchbox’s customer service to their schools and families is of the utmost importance. They strive to ensure quality food and service by carefully selecting restaurants that can accommodate their program. My Hot Lunchbox monitors the accuracy and reliability of the restaurants on a daily basis. 
    How to Register and Order
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