Selwyn Alumni

The Selwyn community and experience extends beyond graduation ﹘ we are committed to staying connected to former students, alumni, and their families. As our school continues to pursue its mission to provide well-rounded, superior education to its students, we look forward to keeping you informed so we might maintain the rich history of the school ﹘ of which you are a part ﹘ and celebrate our successes together.

There are several ways our Selwyn alumni can keep in touch. We hope you will take a moment to update your Alumni Profile on our website, especially if you are living out-of-state or internationally. If you are living nearby or visiting the area, we would be happy to give you a personal tour of the campus! It is always a delight to hear about Selwyn’s earlier days from former students.

Alumni and their families are welcome to volunteer on campus or at school events as well. We hope that you will keep in touch with us and we always appreciate your feedback! You may direct any questions or comments to our Alumni Relations Office.




Update Your Alumni Information

Thank you for keeping in touch with Selwyn! Please update your information for our records. You may also use the section at the end of this form to let us know about recent news or updates that may be shared via Selwyn, either online or in printed publications. If you have any questions, please email the Alumni Relations Office or call us at (940) 382-6771.


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