Selwyn Community

Giving to Selwyn

The high caliber of our student programs, staff, and facilities is made possible by the generosity and dedication of our Selwyn community. Our private school in Argyle TX has a rich tradition of giving that can be traced back to the very beginning of our story. This is how we have shaped our school into what it is: a place of learning for children of all ages, where they can develop the skills to succeed after Selwyn in college and beyond.

The community and Selwyn volunteer program are instrumental in supporting the school’s opportunities for students. This includes financial support, but we also encourage families to give some time and talents to help improve our school and its programs. Our volunteers are essential and model the importance of community service, ultimately providing students with a more meaningful all-around educational experience. When we actively support the place where our children learn and grow, we show them the value of a good education and provide them with an environment where they can flourish.

There are so many ways the people of Selwyn ﹘ staff, faculty, parents, and students ﹘ work together to bring quality education to our students. It is this tradition of giving that makes Selwyn what it is and allows us to continue our mission. We are grateful to the dedicated families that support our Denton independent school through financial donations and with gifts of their time to improve the school’s many programs and activities.





There are lots of ways to help out at Selwyn. Volunteers judge the science fair, chaperone field trips, and sometimes even make treats for special bake sales and events. The Athletics Booster Club is a great way for parents and guardians to get involved with the school and their child’s extracurricular activities. Any time spent supporting the school makes a big impact on the educational experience of our students.


Community Involvement

Our parents often help out the school by hosting or contributing to our fundraising efforts, including bake sales, yard sales, and book sales. They represent the school at local events, attend games, and run toy drives during the holidays. Our campus is often utilized to host community events, competitions, and mixers, and we approve of sharing our facilities and campus for the greater good!