Selwyn Community

The high caliber of our student programs, staff, and facilities is made possible by the generosity and dedication of our Selwyn community. Our private school in Argyle TX has a rich tradition of giving that can be traced back to the very beginning of our story. This is how we have shaped our school into what it is: a place of learning for children of all ages, where they can develop the skills to succeed after Selwyn in college and beyond.

The community and Selwyn volunteer program are instrumental in supporting the school’s opportunities for students. This includes financial support, but we also encourage families to give some time and talents to help improve our school and its programs. Our volunteers are essential and model the importance of community service, ultimately providing students with a more meaningful all-around educational experience. When we actively support the place where our children learn and grow, we show them the value of a good education and provide them with an environment where they can flourish.