How Pre-K Education Influences Long-Term Success

December 1st, 2017

When you were 5 years old, did you imagine that the skills and knowledge you had then would or could influence your chances of success as a 25-year-old? Probably not. We didn’t either.

A 19-year study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health discovered just that. As young children, the degree to which our social and emotional skills have been developed does influence our chances of success as adults.

In fact, the study found that for every point increase in a child’s social competency scores in kindergarten, that child was twice as likely to obtain a college degree than another who scored one point lower.

The children who struggled with cooperation, active listening, and conflict resolution were less likely to complete high school, and more likely to encounter legal problems and substance abuse issues.

This information found in this study supports Selwyn School’s student-centric education style. By focusing on social and emotional competencies, in addition to our robust curriculum, we can aid children that may need more assistance in these areas, so that they too can also grow up to be happy, healthy, successful adults.

Selwyn School is reopening our Pre-K school in August of 2018. As well as putting a spotlight on emotional development, our Pre-K program follows the Reggio Emilia approach to education. The Reggio Emilia philosophy follows the belief that children have three teachers: their parents, their school teachers, and their environment.

Children are natural learners, with brains that soak up information around them like a sponge. With that in mind, we’ve created an environment that utilizes all three types of educators.

If you choose to enroll your children in our Pre-K program, you can count on us to provide an open learning environment where each child is given the individualized attention they need and deserve.

The Selwyn School Pre-K program is child-centric, play-based and located in a fun learning space that combines both indoor and outdoor activity.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming reopening of our Pre-K program, contact Selwyn School today.

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