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School Communication Hub: Bloomz


Selwyn families want to develop a stronger sense of community within and across grades and classes. As you might suspect, a critical driver of community is communication. To help accelerate our efforts at building bonds across Selwyn, we use a new, easy-to-use communication tool: Bloomz.

Bloomz is one of the more functional of a new breed of communication tools. It is designed to quickly, easily allow teachers and parents to communicate in real time on matters relevant to whatever classes your students are attending. Further, parents can communicate and coordinate with other parents in their classes. Importantly, you can access Bloomz messages using whatever technology fits your schedule and lifestyle: the iOS or Android smartphone app, text, tablets, Mac or Windows computer or any combination of these. There is no cost to parents for this service.

Each group on Bloomz is called a “class.” Selwyn classes on Bloomz include:

Selwyn – All School
LS – All Lower School
LS – Kindergarten
LS – Grades 1, 2
LS – Grade 3
LS – Upper LS, Grades 4, 5, 6
Middle School Academy – All
Upper School – All

If you are not already enrolled in Bloomz, please reach out to to get access to the “classes” you need. As new classes or groups are created, you may receive additional invitations to join those if relevant to your family. For each class, all teachers with students in the designated grades have access to this class, so they can post updates and one-on-one with parents.

For each of these classes, all teachers who work with students in that grade level are part of that class. Teachers, therefore, may be part of more than one class. Parents, likewise, will be invited to join every class in which their student(s) participate.

We will keep tabs on how things are working and make changes as needed. I strongly encourage all parents to share their feedback with their teacher(s) and with Admissions so that we can make this tool as meaningful as possible.

How To Use Bloomz
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