Eric Reynolds: 2015-2016 Faculty Reflections

June 6th, 2016

What is Selwyn? It’s not just a school. It’s a family, a community of learners, a base of knowledge. Selwyn is a beacon of light in the realm of academia that far exceeds expectations of other institutions of learning in a time where mediocrity is acceptable. It attracts the best of students and the best of teachers. It attracts individuals who believe there is something more than just education; the belief of giving, serving, and supporting not just each other but the community at large. It’s about relationships and learning to cultivate and maintain them. Selwyn gives of itself and this community is what attracted me and my family to it. The belief that I could and would make a difference. The belief that my children would thrive under the best tutelage. Selwyn doesn’t have the best of everything, but everything it has is the best education can offer. When I first arrived at Selwyn, the sign out front said, “Come see what we are building.” While most saw this as a sign for a structure, I saw it as the students and future contributors to society. When it says come look what we are building, I look to our children, to our graduating Seniors, and to our alumni who have given so much to their respective communities. That is Selwyn.

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