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The Importance of Making Mistakes

In education, our perception of mistakes is important as we seek to challenge conceptions of what defines success and failure. The goal of education, after [...]

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Instilling Grit in Children: What, Why, and How

Instilling Grit in Children Grit has become a standard in the education vernacular. Representing the ability to persevere when faced with obstacles, grit has been [...]

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Teaching Kindness in the Classroom

Some lessons are better learned earlier in life—and kindness is no exception. Historically, schools have focused primarily on students’ academic achievements, but today, child psychologists [...]

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The Importance of Storytelling & Why Teens Love Dystopian Novels

Storytelling has been the leading medium for education, entertainment, and communication for thousands of years. It’s an intimate, communal experience in which storytellers reveal themselves [...]

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How Pre-K Education Influences Long-Term Success

When you were 5 years old, did you imagine that the skills and knowledge you had then would or could influence your chances of success [...]

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How Sleep Affects Learning, Memory, & Education

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep? Do you know how many hours of sleep per night your child needs? It varies by age group. According [...]

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