About Selwyn

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Selwyn is a non-sectarian, college-preparatory, independent school serving kindergarten through grade 12 students. A member of the National Association of Independent Schools, Selwyn provides the most thoroughly individualized, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate array of student-focused experiences in Denton County. Our students grow into independent thinkers and creative problem solvers who are highly resilient and emotionally intelligent leaders prepared for effective citizenship in a global society.

We know that 21st century learners face problems that are complex and constantly changing. To address this reality, we offer an experiential and student-centered learning environment for our kindergarten through 12th-grade students. We value independent thinking and differentiated learning, which is why we intentionally keep our classrooms small.


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate global citizens who embrace complex challenges with empathic and innovative thinking that advances the human condition.


Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the human experience by encouraging whole child development through high academic standards and age appropriate challenges that foster creative problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and social responsibility from which world leaders emerge.

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What Makes Selwyn Different?

Everyone’s voice is essential here at Selwyn, and we work hard to ensure that every student and his or her parents or guardians feels safe and finds a place to belong in our community. Admissions are open to all students and families. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, or disability in the administration of our educational and extracurricular programs, including admission and financial aid.

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